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Responsive Shortcodes and Ultimate Member Update

WPAchievements v8.11 has been released today. In this release we have completely re-implemented the output of wpa_achievements and wpa_quests shortcodes. Now the generated output will be perfectly displayed on any device. Additionally some more details are displayed...

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Conditional Shortcodes and Restricted Content

The new 8.10 version of WPAchievements brings some great features that open you unlimited possibilities to create special content. For example now you can lock parts of posts and pages dependent of received achievements, quests or user ranks. Additionally you can use...

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WPAchievements – Youzer Integration

We are happy to announce that we have added Youzer support at our WPAchievements 8.9 release. Now WPAhchievements will nicely integrate with Youzer and display user Achievements on Youzer profile pages. Additionally we have fixed some known issues and improved...

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WPAchievements 8.8 has been released

Today we have released a new WPAchievements version with a new cool feature. We have added a Shortcode Editor to make it easy for you to add and manage WPAchievements shortcodes. v8.8.0 - 2018-04-14 New: Shortcode Editor to make it easy to add shortcodes New: Show a...

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WPAchievements 8.7 has been released

Today, only 10 days after our last release we have finished a new awesome version with several new features for you. In this update we have added integrations for WPLMS and Ultimate Member Plugin…

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