WPAchievements v8.11 has been released today. In this release we have completely re-implemented the output of wpa_achievements and wpa_quests shortcodes. Now the generated output will be perfectly displayed on any device. Additionally some more details are displayed and new ribbons have been added.

In this release we have also extended the Ultimate Member support. 6 new triggers were added. Here is the full changelog of the current release:

  • New: Completely reimplemented and fully responsive [wpa_achievements] and [wpa_quests] outputs
  • New: 6 Ultimate Member Triggers added:
    • User Account approved
    • User Account is inactive
    • Remove user profile photo
    • Remove user cover photo
    • Change profile photo
    • Change cover photo
  • New: Ultimate Member settings options extended
  • Tweak: Shortcodes [wpa_myachievements] & [wpa_myquests] generates responsive output
  • Tweak: Widget “My Achievements” & “My Quests” generates responsive output
  • Tweak: Shortcode [wpa_achievements] & [wpa_quest] output message if no achievement or quest is available