We are happy to announce that we have added Youzer support at our WPAchievements 8.9 release. Now WPAhchievements will nicely integrate with Youzer and display user Achievements on Youzer profile pages. Additionally we have fixed some known issues and improved database queries to speed up the plugin.

Here is a full changelog of the current v8.9.0 release:

  • New: Youzer integration
  • New: Option to disable pop up notifications
  • Tweak: Massive database queries improvements and plugin speed up
  • Fix: Shortcode editor uses incorrect trigger for custom achievements
  • Fix: Quests can’t be completed on very special conditions
  • Fix: Page view activity counted multiple times
  • Fix: Use of a deprecated jQuery function
  • Fix: JS synthax error at the pop up notifications
  • Fix: Ultimate Member integration stopped working after last Ultimate Member update
  • Fix: Content alignment at My Rank Widget
  • Fix: Conflicts with animated CSS class